About us

About us

PADIMA is an internationally renowned firm with more than 25 years’ experience in the strategic management, protection and defence of creativity and innovation worldwide.

Unique in offering a comprehensive portfolio of exclusive and innovative services for the best management of your intangible assets, combining legal, technical and strategic marketing aspects with a business preventive and proactive approach.

About us

Our Goal

To partner with companies and entrepreneurs who want to change the world with their innovation and creativity.

At PADIMA we protect what makes you different: We protect, defend and give value to global innovation with the most cutting-edge tools.



Contracting; administrative, judicial and extrajudicial actions; customs procedures and litigation to value and defend your Intellectual Property.


Trademarks, designs, patents, copyright and other tools for the best protection of your intangible assets.

and Strategy

Legal tools, marketing techniques and innovation communication to help you strategically manage your intangible assets.



Información de interés y eventos destacados, para que estés al día de todo lo que tiene que ver con Padima y nuestro mundo.